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Nina has been entertaining for about 25 years and since 2000 she has been telling stories and giving workshops in storytelling for all ages both in Norway and abroud. She has taken part in storytellingfestivals throughout Scandinavia, UK as well as Greece.
Nina has told stories in schools, libaries, museums, hospitals, boats, in churches, pubs, in the forest and by the sea. She has even toured in Denmark and England from a caravan pulled by horses and is a full time adventurer.

Ninas storytellingcave

Nina Naesheim lives in her hometown, Stavanger, in Norway and has been a profesional storyteller for many years.  She grew up listening to her mother's stories and retelling them to her doll, her chair and the door. "Wonderful listeners," she says, "they never interrupt'
Nina has many years experience in drama and theatre in Norway, Denmark and England.

For many years she worked in kindergardens and also children with special needs. They inspired her to tell and sing and she encourages  the children to  tell their own stories. Nina likes to tell stories that makes her heart leap a little":. stories of magic, love, humour, visdom: folktales, fairytales, myths, legends, and lies as well as true stories. Her favorite Northlands stories are often about the sea, mermaids and selkies..but also stories from the Norwegian mountains about the trolls and huldra. Lively and strong stories!

She likes to spice her tales with a dash of music and song as well as loads of humour and fun!

Some of her background

  • Emerson College, Storytelling Artemis speech and Drama school, sussex.(drama, storytelling, poetry) Workshops:
  • Gypsy Song with Ida Kellorova
  • Find Your Clown witn Vivian Gladwell
  • Voice Workshop by Beathe Myrvoll
  • Stories on Wheels: 14 days tour of Norfolk, England with master storytellers:
  • Duncan Williamson, Tuup, Joe Bael and Hugh Lupton
  • She has taken part in many international festivals:
  • Edinburgh International Storytelling Festival (2004, 2008, 2012) 
  • Edinburgh International Book Festival (05)
  • Whuppity Scourie, Storytelling Festival in Lanark (03)
  • Oslo Storytelling Festival (07)
  • Lejre Storytelling Festival (07)
  • Aberdeen Theatre Festival (08)
  • Kea Folktale Festival in Greece (09,10, 12)
  • South Africa, storytellingfestival sept 2012
  • Dubai, storytellingfestiva l"Once upon a time" jan 2013
  • She mostly performs in schools, kindergartens, liberies, museums.
  • Homes for the Elderly, but also for weddings, birthdays and other adventures for adults.